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An Athletic Perspective On Edible Medical Marijuana

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Medical marijuana is legal in a large and growing number of states. As more people learn about cannabis' ability to treat mental and physical ailments, the use of marijuana as a medical treatment is sure to expand. One legitimate concern a potential patient may have about therapeutic cannabis focuses on the inhalation of smoke. Health-conscious persons who want maximum cardiovascular endurance may be put off by the idea of smoking anything. Options do exist for these active individuals. Exploring alternative cannabis ingestion methods under the guidance of a prescribing physician who is knowledgeable about fitness and athletics may help.

Edible and Liquid Options

Cannabis can be absorbed through the bloodstream in many ways. Legitimate medical marijuana dispensaries usually offer a host of options to those looking for non-smokeable alternatives. Edibles that mix marijuana with activated THC inside of candy, brownies, peanut butter, and more do exist. So do capsule and liquid servings. Patients need to realize the effects of non-smokable marijuana products may differ from the traditional smokeable form. To make sure things work as hoped, be sure to discuss the following with a doctor:

  • Recommendations for Alternatives

Anyone with athletic or fitness goals in mind should discuss any performance concerns during the initial consultation. A doctor may suggest capsule-form marijuana for an athlete who has concerns about weight gain, since brownies may be made with refined sugar and potentially-fattening carbohydrates.

  • Levels of Pain Reduction

Those who are suffering from pain may be fearful of potentially-addictive pharmaceutical drugs, which is why they look toward medical marijuana as a possible alternative. Too much pain reduction, however, is not helpful. Athletes rely on pain signals to determine whether or not injuries are worsening. The doctor could suggest an advisable maximum amount of edible-ingested milligrams to take when a patient is worried about shutting off pain receptors.

  • Timing of Use

When, where, and how medical marijuana are factors that must be taken into consideration by patients. Some reports show that athletic persons prefer edible cannabis for post-workout recovery. Different ailments and conditions contribute to what is the best time to ingest any number of medicines. Be sure to ask the doctor's advice on when marijuana is best ingested.

Following Up with a Doctor

Do not make the mistake of only contacting the doctor's office for a prescription renewal. If anything of concern arises, contact the prescribing physician to see if any changes to use and delivery method are advised. Never rely on a self-diagnosis or assessment.

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