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What To Eat And Not Eat For Better Fertility

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What you eat can affect virtually every aspect of your life, including your ability to conceive. If you make certain modifications to your diet, your body will have an easier time getting pregnant even if you have fertility issues.

Don't Eat Red Meat; Eat Beans Instead

If you are consuming too much red meat, you might have too much ammonia in your body. This can inhibit the implantation of your egg into the uterus. As for men, the increased acidity can lead to poorer sperm performance, since sperm survive better in an alkaline environment. If you need protein, instead of eating red meat, you should consume more beans. The Harvard School of Public Health found that women who eat beans are more likely to become pregnant.

Don't Drink Alcohol; Drink Decaffeinated Tea

Drink alcohol infrequently. Also make sure that you do not consume alcohol when you could be pregnant because doing so can harm the fetus. But even when you are not pregnant, consuming alcohol can lead to an irregular cycle. Stick with water or decaffeinated tea. There is some research that suggests that caffeine can reduce fertility if you drink in excess of 500 milligrams.

Don't Eat Processed Carbs; Eat Complex Carbs

Highly processed carbs can increase your blood sugar levels. Then, your pancreas releases insulin into the bloodstream to counter the effects of the blood sugar spike, which can also impact fertility. To increase your fertility, you should instead consume complex carbohydrates.

Don't Eat Empty Calories; Eat Antioxidant-Rich Foods

Try to minimize the number of foods that are filled with empty calories. These include what is often referred to as "junk food." Your body needs antioxidants that come from fruits and vegetables. These chemicals protect your body against free radicals that can damage ova, sperm and the reproductive organs. The brightly colored fruits and vegetables tend to be the most helpful in this regard, such as peppers and blueberries.

Don't Eat Trans Fats; Eat Healthy Fats

Fats are not always bad for you. However, trans fats that are commonly found in snack foods and commercial baked goods will increase your resistance to insulin. This leads to high insulin levels, which can disrupt ovulation. However, not having enough fat can also reduce your odds of getting pregnant. If you are very thin, your body will not have enough fat cells to produce estrogen. Studies have found that being underweight harms one's ability to get pregnant more than being overweight. This can be a perfectly good excuse to indulge more in some of the healthy foods listed above that you love. Contact a business, such as Awaken Integrative Wellness, for more information.