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A Few Ways To Naturally Decrease Your FSH Level And Increase Your Fertility

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If you have been having a hard time getting pregnant, it is important to have your follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) level checked. A level higher than 10 indicates that your ovaries are not releasing eggs of high quality. This means the chances are low that a released egg will be fertilized, and if it is, it may not progress into a viable fetus. There are, however, natural ways to reduce your FSH level and increase your chances of having a baby.

Herbal Supplements

There are a number of herbal supplements that can lower your FSH levels. They work by reducing cellular death, improving the function of the follicles that release the eggs, increasing blood flow to the pelvic region and helping the eggs to mature. It is important to note that no supplement is approved by the FDA. Anything you do choose to take should be disclosed to your OB/GYN so he or she can work with you to reduce your FSH levels.


When your ovaries do not receive an adequate amount of nutrients and oxygen, the pituitary gland sends a signal to release more FSH. When there is too much FSH in your system, it tells your ovaries that an egg has already been released and to hold off on releasing another one. Exercising helps get the oxygen and nutrients to the ovaries so they do not signal the pituitary gland for more FSH.


Acupuncture helps maximize the blood flow to the follicles of the ovaries. This keeps them supplied with the hormones and nutrients to encourage the follicle to nurture the eggs and keep them of high quality. It also keep the body from attacking the newly formed egg in the case of auto-immune issues. Not only will this increase your chances for getting pregnant, but ensure the embryo will grow into a fetus and eventually be a full-term baby.

It is common for your FSH level to increase with age. However, if you take care, and follow these tips, the chances of lowering the level to one that will not interfere with the release of a high-quality egg increases. Make sure you follow a healthy diet to ensure good nutrients are getting to the follicles with the increased blood flow. Things are not going to change overnight; however, if you can keep working on it, and do not become too stressed, your infertility problem may be resolved.