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5 Herbal Supplements To Calm Your Child's Hyperactivity And Insomnia

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If you have a hyperactive child who also experiences difficulty sleeping or staying asleep, you may want to consider a few natural remedies. Herbal remedies such as chamomile and Valerian have a calming effect and may be used as a daily supplement. Here are a few herbs you might want to try to alleviate your child's insomnia and tone down his or her hyperactivity:

1. Chamomile: In tea form, this is a caffeine-free remedy known to soothe and relax. It's generally safe for children of all ages. You might offer a cup of natural chamomile tea to your child in the morning and at bedtime. Alternatively, you can find chamomile supplements in capsule form at your local pharmacy or natural foods store. You may also buy herbal supplements such as chamomile online.

If your child suffers from ragweed allergies you might want to consult the doctor before offering chamomile, however. Chamomile is derived from a flowering plant which may trigger allergies in those who are susceptible.

2. Valerian Root: This sedative herb may help improve your child's sleep and calm his or her hyperactivity. The publication Phytomedicine has documented a study claiming 81 percent of the children taking a combination of Valerian and lemon balm saw improved sleep. Look for it in a pleasant tasting liquid form at your local health food store or pharmacy.

3. Lemon Balm: If your child is fidgety and restless, try lemon balm as an herbal supplement. This perennial herb is related to the mint family and can be found in capsule form or as an herbal tea. As an herbal supplement, it may also help to improve your child's memory. If you child doesn't like drinking the tea, try mixing this herb into various recipes. It may be used in soups, salads and other dishes. It's particularly good for adding to fish, as it has a mild lemon flavor.

4. California Poppy: Try this herbal extract to soothe your child's restlessness. It may be found as an herbal tea or used as a tincture. It's also found in capsule form. It may also help relieve mild headache or toothache pain, which may prevent your child from falling asleep. Unlike Oriental poppy, California poppy is non-addicting, so it is safe for your child.

5. Lime Blossom: Find this herbal remedy at your health food store or order it from an online retailer. It may be listed under the name of tilia europea. You may add a teaspoon of the mixture to boiling water for a relaxing bedtime beverage.

As a precaution, always check with your child's pediatrician before using any type of herbal supplement. Also, be aware that some herbal supplements may interact with certain medications. To learn more, contact a company like Gesundheit Health.