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Natural Ways To Study Better: What You Should Know

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As a freshman in college, you walk onto campus oblivious of how much studying you will have to do to be successful in college, particularly come midterms or finals. When you find yourself overwhelmed with papers, projects and exams, you wonder what you can do to improve your energy and mental clarity so that you can study better and keep your focus for longer. Luckily, there natural ways that you can improve upon your mental clarity and have more energy to take on the work you have to do. So, get to know some of these natural ways to study better and get back to studying as soon as possible. 

NADH Supplements

One way to enhance your mental clarity and to have more energy to study is to take an NADH supplement. NADH is short for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (plus) hydrogen and is a naturally occurring chemical in the human body that creates energy.

By taking an NADH supplement at low doses when you need to enhance mental clarity, focus, and memory, you will be giving yourself that extra boost of energy your mind needs to accomplish those tasks. Because NADH increases alertness and energy, you shouldn't take this supplement all the time, and should avoid use when you plan to go to sleep in the next few hours. 

Vitamin B12 Supplements

Your body operates best when it has no deficiencies in vitamins and minerals. Your brain is no exception to that rule. Vitamin B12 is a nutrient that can affect many systems in your body, including your energy levels, and mental clarity and focus. 

Many people with vitamin B12 deficiencies complain of feeling mentally foggy and having trouble concentrating. So, incorporating vitamin B12 into your health routine can help you to stay sharp and focused while you study, particularly if you are suffering from an unknown deficiency. 

Green Tea Extract Supplements

Green tea has many natural health benefits, and green tea extract supplements take those health benefits and concentrate them. Not only does green tea serve as a natural source of caffeine, providing you with energy, but green tea extract can also help with memory and concentration. 

So, while you can drink cups of tea for caffeine and energy, if you want to improve your energy and concentration, you should take a regular green tea supplement in addition. If you want to really enhance the benefits of green tea, you can pair the supplement with L-theanine supplements.

Now that you know some of the natural ways to boost both your energy and your mental clarity, you can select the supplements that work best for you. Then, you can get back to your studying with renewed vigor and determination.